If you’d have told me in the years since apprenticing, read that, being the grinder, the guy picked to reach waaay the hell back under the wings of the cabin or the bunks to laminate the joints or to be the guy crawling cautiously but quickly under a hull suspended by a crane that ran on constant shots of ether to position the stands, or rather the drums, that I’d be building new again, I’d tell you to bless God or something to that effect.

Why?  The unecessary and unceasing squabbles.  There’s a saying that there’s nothing as enjoyable as messing around with boats and for the most part that’s true-  I get to make something from drums of resin and rolls of material that owners can go fishing and surfing in.  I get to meet fun characters and exchange histories.  I get to be my own boss with all the benefits and headaches that entails.  Good stuff.

The sour part of building boats and it seems especially prevalent in this particular type of boat is hearing first and second hand crap being slung by other builders or those that have some ax to grind.  Everyone’s an expert and a bad ass behind the keyboard it seems.


Other builders of the type of boat for the market that Highliner is focused on have been around for quite some time and if you were to believe one in particular, he built the hull for Noah.  If I had a lock on the market and some guy had a startup going on, I don’t know that I’d lose a whole lotta sleep over it, I mean if I had 200, 300 or 1000 builds behind me, whats some guy with a new sign mean to me?  But as in most things populated by humans, the idea that some guy with legit skills and some good ideas is cause to gather up the dog bags and lighter fluid.

I’m not positive but I’m fairly sure that when Henry Ford heard that the Dodge Brothers were going to start up a car company he took some degree of notice but chose to focus on getting the number of Model A’s out the door, up.  I’d like to think he didn’t go plastering signs up on the gas lamp posts saying that the new guy was schlock.  Maybe I’m wrong, somebody look it up and get back to me…

Anyways, like I make mention of in the opening of the website, I’m building you the best boat I know how and I’m backing it up with the experience of myself and some pretty good marine tech minds.  If you choose to want to punch the info button or call me direct to get some info about a boat for you or you have a question about your project in the driveway,  by all means hit me up.  I’ll give you my honest take on it and you can go from there.  If you choose to take what I say and leverage it at some other guys yard and then want to start slinging cabbages, I’m not interested.  I have a bunch of time, money and knuckles invested in my show here and if it makes some other builder tweak, well there’s plenty of outlets for her to cry foul.  I’m leaving the quality of the work here at Highliner to speak for itself and when the boat gets delivered on time and not in 2 yrs, well, there you go.  You decide what’s important to you.

It’s coming up on Spring and even with a severe surgical setback, the molds are being heated up with parts being laid up, the initial parts are looking good and the numbers are adding up and what this means is that when the cover gets pulled back and you get to physically touch these things,  the other guys are going to look pretty hack.  I’m not at a point of throwing a load of photos up as yet, not because I don’t have any but because what I have I want to be right.  If that makes me a gamble or a wannabe, whatever you say…


So now onto some constructive notes-  I’m compiling a “build your boat” price worksheet and it should be up on the site here by months end.  You’ll be able to pick a hull size and go down the menu and merrily check boxes for what you want to have it built with and get your number at the bottom.  Easy for you and a timesaver for me that I don’t have to answer 5-6 emails a day asking how much for a XX footer with…  NOT that I mind it!  If you have a few questions and an equal amount of minutes to talk, happy to hook you up.

Leaving the laundry on the line and the cabbages in the dirt…


Oh and hey!!  I was told that Harold Davis, he of Davis Boats and a true guy, (see my post about him earlier in these posts,) is recovering from some hospital time as well.  I want to wish him a speedy recovery.  If you do too, give his shop a call and say so.  (805) 225-1170.  Harold is a guy that never got his thong stuck over a new builder entering the fray and the asshats out there would do well to follow his lead.  Get well soon, buddy.